Things to Consider while Choosing Refrigerated Transport in Vancouver

A refrigerated transport in Vancouver is through which you move frozen goods from one place to another. Companies that deal in frozen consumables like fish, meat, medicines, vegetables, fruits, staple etc. hire these transport service providers to carry the products to the dealers, cold storages, stores, and other places.

Since a majority of these items fall under the perishable goods category, one has to be extra careful while choosing the company that will transport the goods for you. The service provider needs to have proper vehicles and containers that are well equipped to carry out the task. If the company that you hire has the best technologically equipped containers, then it takes a lot of stress off your shoulder. Not only that, but the transport service should also be able to provide you with trained professionals who have good knowledge about handling such items and the types of equipment as well.

Choosing factors of refrigerated transport in Vancouver

If it is your first time hiring a service provider for refrigerated transport, then here are a few things to consider while making the selection:

  • Temperature Factor

Temperature is an important factor if you need your perishable items to reach the destination in the good state. The company you hire should be well equipped to provide you with the right temperature for the kind of goods that you deal in. Different products need different temperatures, mainly frozen and chilled. For goods that need chilled refrigeration, the preferable temperature ranges from 0 to 15 degree Celsius. Frozen goods need temperatures between -1 to -20 degree Celsius.

  • Knowledge about the Products

The company you hire should have experience and knowledge of handling different types of products that use refrigeration transport. There are norms and regulations that need to be maintained regarding the transportation of perishable goods. Meat, fish and pharmaceuticals, all have different requirements in temperatures and transportation conditions. The company and its employees should have thorough knowledge about that.

  • Good Communication

Good communication is an essential characteristic of a trustworthy transportation service. When you are hauling goods from one place to another there should be constant communication. The company should be able to provide you with regular updates about the status of your freight.

  • Customer Service

The best way to judge a company is through customer service. You can get access to such information by searching online. Go through the company website to see if they have customer friendly policies. Most websites will have testimonials from previous clients. Read those carefully to get an idea about the quality of the service that they provide. Focus if they have had any issues regarding not maintaining the timeline of the transport and damaged goods. If there are too many unsatisfactory reviews then it is best to not avail such services.

Apart from these usual points, also make sure that the refrigerated transport in Vancouver that you hire has employees with good sense regarding the geography of the region. That makes navigation easy.

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