What to Look for in an Online Bill Presentment and Payment Service

Online bill presentment and payment services area unit offered by not solely several major billers and huge banks today however conjointly by a variety of smaller innovative monetary services corporations. All of those services claim to be generally equivalent, with every of them providing a spread of bill presentment, management and payment options to create a consumer’s life apparently easier and a lot of economical. However, these completely different services vary greatly in what they provide and in some cases the options they claim to own don’t seem to be in any respect equivalent. A shopper thus must watch out to confirm that he or she selects the service that’s possibly to fill his or her wants and during this transient article we have a tendency to thus supply some hints on what to appear for.

Below area unit what we have a tendency to see to be the most criteria by that any shopper ought to ideally judge any on-line bill presentment and payment service.

Bill Presentment

Bill presentment suggests that the power to check a bill in a web system of some kind. for many services this suggests either having the ability to check the bill in Associate in Nursing email attachment (usually as a PDF) that isn’t very a web rendering at all (as it’s simply an electronic version of a paper bill). Some services supply one point bill read earlier than paying it. this can be helpful however way in need of a full bill presentment. As a result, the foremost advanced services area unit providing a full digital bill that is one that’s not solely provided in its totality (even if it runs to many pages) however are often saved, sent on/forwarded or clicked on to result payment.

Bill Management

Bill management options aim to stay a shopper on course for paying bills on time (or even early). an honest service-provider ought to supply completely different alerts (ideally each email and/or SMS texts) that tell a shopper once his or her bills arrive, are due, area unit paid and area unit overdue/late (and in some cases the patron will select once and the way to induce these alerts). additionally, the patron must always be able to read the main points of the bill despite its format. alternative helpful options to appear out for embody a bill payment calendar and on-line notes. within the most subtle services bill storage is unlimited that means that the patron will store his or her bills indefinitely.

Payment options

Good on-line bill paying services can typically embody a spread of payment options. However, several banking services could solely supply bill payment from a bank account and huge billers with on-line bill pay portals could solely enable ACH and therefore the major credit cards. The freelance services area unit thus a lot of doubtless to supply a lot of bigger payment alternative, and in some cases payment by on-line case, instant bank transfer and even money (as well as the majority offered credit and debit cards). an honest service might also enable a shopper to settle on that payments he or she desires to create monthly one by one and that he or she desires paid mechanically (with a controlled payment sort of a direct debit).

Ease of Use/Setup

Apart from the positioning being easy, on-line bill presentment and payment services at a given portal ought to be simple to line up and use, otherwise they do not give the convenience they promise. this could ideally mean the power to pay a bill as a guest or initial time traveller while not registration on the service. And if a shopper will register, the system ought to keep in mind the maximum amount information as has already been entered and therefore the shopper shouldn’t be needed to enter his or her recipient and/or account data over once. Payment Aggregation: What Can Possibly Go Wrong?

Admin and news convenience

Although shoppers in the main pay their bills one at a time, they will wish to over this. A web site that permits this practicality (and wants only 1 login and secret for several bills) thus has a bonus. this could embody several analysis and news capabilities, viewing historical additive bill payments, combination information and even overall pay totals that will preferably be helpful once it involves finish of year tax returns.

Service availability/Help/Support

Look for a service that’s offered twenty four hours each day seven days every week as a result of most shoppers can would like to pay bills outside traditional workplace hours. There ought to even be smart client service support offered, each with offered documentation and FAQ’s and a free pressmark once a shopper must see a client service representative.


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