How To Solve Roku Beta Streaming Issues On Xfinity?

However, some people are getting the problem in using this Beta version of Xfinity device. They have tried their best efforts to get back to the Roku experience but didn’t come to the conclusion. To know more about it you can visit to www Roku Com Link

If you are getting the problem in streaming content from Roku beta on Xfinity, then you can read the steps mentioned here as under. After reading the steps, you don’t find any need to go to another website for a solution. You will get everything in one place.

Before starting with steps, you must check the ‘Status’ first whether it is UP or not. If the status is down, you will not be able to stream content through Roku Beta. In such cases, you can contact network service provider or wait for some time.

If you report any error code on Roku Beta screen, then check the code and try the troubleshooting steps as given under Roku beta support section.

Now, coming to the steps, we are now going to discuss general troubleshooting steps if you are facing problem in streaming Roku media on Xfinity service. The steps which we are going to discuss right now are already tested and verified by a team of experts. So, you can implement the steps without any problem.

TV and Roku:

  • Check the input mode selected for HDMI. Whether the right HDMI port is selected or not from TV. If you have connected the device to port 2 and selecting port 1 from TV remote, then you will get streaming issue.
  • Check all cables whether these are properly fixed or not. The power cable and the USB cable must be connected to respective ports.

Roku remote: Insert new batteries and pair it with your Roku by pointing the IR towards it.

Roku device: Update the OS version of the Roku model.

Go to ‘Menu’ and click on ‘Settings’.

From here, go to ‘Update’

Before performing an update, you must check the support for the device.

Issues prevalent on Xfinity beta for Roku

The problem in streaming.

Unable to login from the window.

Streaming stopped in between

Channel not working.

No login from the university.


  • Log out of the Roku and log in again.
  • Check the network connection on the device. If there is a poor signal strength, you need to contact ISP for the same. They will resolve the problem. Besides this, you can also try an Ethernet connection for internet.
  • If you are getting the problem in connecting the Roku to Xfinity at university, you can contact University management.
  • For any help related to resetting of username and password, you can contact university management.
  • Reset Roku password and account on your own.
  • Open ‘Devices network and update’ option and go to ‘Setup new connection’ option.
  • Reset Roku now

Check if there is any restarting or freezing problem prevailing on Roku channel.

Reset Password