How to Choose the Appropriate Marketing Automation Consultant for Your Business

Marketing automation is a term that is ever popular among marketers, fast emerging with the aim of automating all marketing related actions. Ideally, market automation refers to the software and related tactics that allow companies to nurture prospects with highly personalized, rich content to help convert prospective customers into sales and existing customers into loyal and satisfied ones. This usually results in a significantly higher revenue rate for companies, providing an excellent ROI. (Information credit:

In layman’s terms, marketing automation is ensured with the task of automating required repetitive tasks in everyday business operations. These tasks include emails, social media posts, website actions and other related online aspects of the business. The term “market automation” is the buzzword in the field of marketing, and companies are increasingly employing market automation consultants, expecting growth and the instant generation of new leads. However, hiring just about any consultant will not provide the expected results and there are certain criteria that can help you make a wise choice.

  • The skill level of personnel: Market automation involves a lot of skill, efficiency and accuracy to get the desired results and the skill level of the personnel should be evaluated. Many organizations make the mistake of evaluating only the consultancy and not the skill of the individual consultants assigned to the task. The problem occurs when the consultancy in question is of a large scale with experts as well as moderately successful consultants, all working under the same roof. It becomes really difficult to gauge the standard of services provided, as you do not have complete knowledge of the specific personnel’s qualification. One way of doing this is to organize individual interactions with the consultants in question.
  • Reputation: Industry reputation matters in every sector, and market automation is no exception. A company with a good industry reputation indicates that it has been operating in the area for a prolonged period of time by providing quality services to its customers. A company with a good reputation almost guarantees that it has good consultants among their ranks, who employ standardized processes and have access to resources like highly skilled personnel.
  • Experience: Similar to the company’s reputation, the company’s experience in a particular field can also be used as a measure of success. Digital marketing is a competitive industry where there are several digital marketing agencies operating in the same market. A company would not survive for long if it delivered below par services. Thus, a consultancy which has industry experience for an extended period of time is reflective of its success.
  • Additional questions to ask: As mentioned above, it is important to gauge the skill level of the individual consultants and not the consultancy as a whole. The marketers have to evaluate whether the consultants are the right fit to serve as the engagement manager and the primary technical resource of the business. Below are certain points to consider for analyzing the skill level of the consultants.
    • The consultant’s experience with marketing automation platforms (MAP): This includes the number of projects the consultant has worked on and his or her designation.
    • The consultant’s experience in Customer Relationship Management (CRM): This includes the consultant’s certification and experience in the matter.
    • The consultant’s experience with handling marketing projects: This includes considerations of formal project management experience either from work, educational experience or just a certification.
    • Other background checks: This includes the consultant’s past job roles and designations as well as his or her involvement with recent projects.

Benefits of Hiring a Market Automation Consultant
A competent market automation consultant can work wonders for any business. By following the above steps, hiring a market automation consultant has numerous advantages which are listed below:

  • Saves Time: Consultants can schedule multiple campaigns way ahead of time and release it according to the requirement. This saves a lot of working hours that can be utilized for other activities.
  • CRM integration: Market Automation consultants can make sure that leads are not lost even after a couple of unsuccessful contacts.
  • Multichannel management: Consultants can use market automation software to effectively keep track of emails from a multitude of channels.
  • Consistency: By incorporating and combining all marketing efforts into one cohesive process, a consultant can maintain a unified brand tone of voice.

Thus, a good market automation consultant will take into account the company’s evolving demands of customer leads and study the behavior and interactions with the business in order to serve them better.  The success of such a campaign lies in utilizing the various channels that influences a buyer’s decision.

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