Effective Magento Solutions for Dropshippers

Nowadays, online retailers are more focused on rendering the customers a great shopping experience via quality products, easy shipping & payment modes and more. The burgeoning competition in eCommerce industry has also contributed to the same. And, the merchants are in a quest to search different methods to streamline online trade. This urge to explore more ways has given birth to many business modes. And, dropshipping is one of themand is gaining huge appreciation among the merchants over the time. It has been favored a lot for its several benefits over the other eCommerce business models available presently.

At present, more than 50% of online retailers exercise this eCommerce model with an anticipation to grow over in the coming future.

In such trade, you need not worry about maintaining warehouse, inventory or shipments etc. Such eCommerce trend is always accompanied by a low startup cost, zero requirement for handling stock/inventory, low running cost, cross-border opportunities and a lot more. It is an ideal eCommerce model for startups or first-time entrepreneurs.

How does Magento help?

Dropshipping is always a great mode of eCommerce to spread out your product line, contour the order & inventory handling processes, or initiate any startup business. And, Magento web development helps you to achieve a succesful drop shipping in an effective manner.

Magento web development services are currently ruling the eCommerce arena. There are a lot of advanced business practices that make it a worth bestow dropshipping business model for online businesses.

You can effectively manage your dropshipping eCommerce with Magento web development in two ways i.e. either by manual dropshipping or by Magento’s dropshipping extensions.

Let’s begin with the manual process first.

Manual dropshipping is an ideal practice for those merchants who are at their initial stages of businesses and are dealing with a few orders per day. So, you handle the whole procedure of sending emails to the vendors whenever you receive an order or decide between the vendors for a particular product fulfillment etc. For such eCommerce trade, you simply need to hire or take advice of any expert Magento web developer from India or abroad to set up the eStore (for the technical side) and rest you can do with the easy-to-use features and functionalities of it.

Though we live in a world, where a business owner has a lot to do apart from this online website handling or doing every single thing manually. Once your business is grown enough on both online and physical storefront, you need to automate the management of your products or duties to an extent. To satisfy this need, Magento offers a wide range of extensions that you can consider.

Here are a few Magento dropshipping extensions that can ease your online retail to a great extent.

Boost My Shop (Magento dropshipping extension)

This Magento dropshipping extension offers you a complete package of features to manage dropship orders with an embedded ERP. Also, you would be introduced to a new screen to track your dropship orders.

Key Features

– Extremely compatible with ERP purchasing

– Daily updates for supplier’s purchase price

– An ease to track sales orders

– Manage dropship processes (price quote, dropship request & confirm, tracking number generation and customer notification)

– And, many more.

Magento Dropship by Magestore

This Magento extension brings your customers and providers together without any intermediary. It means with this extension your providers directly ship the products immediately to the customers once they place an order.

Key Features

– Simple 3 steps dropship process

– Default notification emails to keep a track of the whole process

– Comprehensive order listing web pages (both supplier and admin view)

– Easy to manage dropship request

– 100% open-source

– Easy installation & configuration

– and, more.

Overall, this extension helps you to save time and inventory cost.

There is no second thought on the competency of Magento eCommerce platform. It serves you with every possible solution that you may require to start or expand your business identity. Therefore, if you are planning to go for dropshipping, Magento is the perfect solution for all your needs. It would definitely save your efforts and time to build an attractive online store with all the necessary integrations of marketing strategies or others. At last, I hope that you enjoyed the reading.

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