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Nowadays everyone is aware of the fact that Santa Monica is an earthquake city. But decades ago, not many people know about it and this is the reason there are a lot of buildings and apartments which aren’t structurally sound enough to handle a big shake. Soft story buildings feature wood frame construction and their first stories are much less rigid than the stories above and due to large openings on the ground floors, these buildings are susceptible to earthquake damage. Recently, California, Los Angeles officials passed a Santa Monica soft story ordinance requiring more than 18,000 old soft-story buildings and apartments to be retrofitted for earthquake preparedness.

Core Contractors, Inc. are the most reputable and leading contractors in seismic retrofitting with more than 40 years of industry experience and are equipped to address the key elements missing in apartments, homes and buildings built before retrofits in Santa Monica and Los Angeles. Our team of highly knowledgeable and professional contractors specialises in soft story retrofitting and helps existing soft-story structures withstand a higher amount of stress from natural disasters like earthquake. We make soft story buildings safe again by adding necessary structural support and strengthens the lateral components of the buildings to keep your soft story building standing after occurring an earthquake.

Most of the people might get tempted to the lowest prices that are offered by the unlicensed contractors but they won’t offer you the best services and results. Core Contractors are experts in Soft Story Construction and use different techniques such as soft story reinforcements, roof to wall anchors, concrete pads, continuity ties etc. depending on the type of structure. If you are having a concrete building with two or more stories such as a parking garage or a mall then you’ll be benefited from micro-piles, concrete shear walls, and steel columns. By retrofitting your building with our professional contractors from Core Contractors, we make sure that you will be getting a great team that can work with your seismic retrofitting project.

At Core Contractors, our team of most experienced and professional contractors offer a unique level of experience and all our services are designed in such a way that it provides you with the best solution to retrofitting of buildings in accordance with the seismic ordinances Santa Monica. Not only those buildings which are mandated LA sites, but it is also important to make sure to get your property inspected to ensure you don’t lose your property when fault lines slip. We use local highly skilled engineers that work for you to give you the best solution. So, schedule an appointment or call today at Core Contractors, Inc. for your soft story retrofitting project. For more details to know about Core Contractors, Inc. please visit our website here:

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